At Kirby Kia of Ventura we strive to ensure the best car buying experience for our customers.  'Advance' from Kirby makes the process even easier, allowing our customers to complete most of the paperwork associated with purchasing a car from the comfort of their own homes.  Our goal is to make your car buying experience as easy as possible!

These online tools allow you to personalize your payments, pre-qualify for credit and apply for credit!

Choose Your Terms!

These resources help you outline a financing plan that you will feel comfortable with. Configure the term lengths and financing options that you deem the most important to begin forming a financing strategy that fits your budget and aligns with what you’re looking for.

Apply For Financing

With a solid idea of your term length and what you wish to pay monthly, it’s time to proceed towards the auto loan you plan on financing your vehicle with. Move through the pre-qualification process if you still have questions about your credit history, or skip ahead to a financing application that takes a matter of minutes to complete.

Schedule A Test Drive

Need additional insight into a prospective dream model? Arrange to spend some time behind the wheel from a relaxing position on your living room sofa. Scheduling a test drive online makes the car buying process more convenient and in line what your plans for the busy week ahead.


Make an Inquiry