Service and Function of the Suspension System

For any vehicle, the suspension plays a critical role in a number of functions. It is responsible for creating and maintaining a smooth ride that is relatively free of bumps and jostles for the passengers, and making sure that your vehicle handles well enough that you don't have to struggle to drive properly.

The suspension system is made up of several parts, but one of the most important are the shocks or struts that your vehicle is equipped with. These are not the same part, and there are small differences that play a big role in what they are designed to do. Regardless of whether your vehicle has shocks or struts, they are crucial to the proper functionality of the suspension system. While it may not be something that you think about often, these parts, like any other, will eventually start to wear out. Driving on rough surfaces with numerous potholes or bumps can cause them to decay faster. If you notice that you are having a hard time handling the car, or that you experience excessive bouncing when going over a bump or pothole, it may be time to have your suspension system checked for failing parts.

If you determine that your car is in need of a suspension tune-up or repair, we welcome you to visit us at Kirby Kia of Ventura. Our helpful staff will gladly get to the bottom of what's wrong and help you resolve it quickly.



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