Get Off-Roading Tips for Beginners

When you decide to get started with off-roading in your vehicle, there are some important tips to follow. At Kirby Kia of Ventura, we’re constantly asked about how to outfit a vehicle. We’ll have you ready to hit the trails in Ventura in no time.

You need to get your vehicle ready for the trails. While it’s suggested that you let out some of the air in your tires to get a better grip on the trails, there are other things to do, too. Upgrade your suspension or add a lift kit. Consider upgrading to beefier tires and adding body armor. You may want to replace your bumpers and add a winch, too.

Be sure to hit the trails with others. Experienced off-roaders will show you around the trails. Extra people will also ensure you have someone to turn to for help if you get stuck. Practice your 4x4 skills for a bit before you go off-roading, so you are ready for anything.

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