Tips for Finding Dog-Friendly Features for Your Car

What features do you look for when making your vehicle dog-friendly? Whether it's factory installed features or features added on after you get your car, here are some tips from our team here at Kirby Kia of Ventura in Ventura, CA to help get your vehicle ready to bring along your dog.

Hot weather can make human and furry passengers uncomfortable. Providing the right amount of shade for your dog can help to make road trips more enjoyable for your pet. You can find rear window shades that can be attached to the rear glass when it's sunny and stored when not in use.

Another way to help keep dogs cool is rear-seat climate controls. Some vehicles have separate controls for the front and back seat. Backseat climate control systems will sometimes have rear facing vents installed on the center console or on the roof to cool down or warm up the back seat quickly depending on the weather.

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