When you want your vehicle in Ventura, CA to look like new, consider using detailing techniques provided by Kirby Kia of Ventura. Proper cleaning and detailing can get rid of unsightly marks and stains so that you can enjoy spending time in your car or truck.

To get your carpets as clean as possible, start with a regular vacuum. Attaching a brush to the end of the vacuum hose can free up dirt that stuck in the carpet fibers. If you have pet hair stuck in your carpets, use a pumice block to get it free. After using the vacuum, give your carpets a dry scrubbing. When finished, use a hot water extractor to give your carpets a deep cleaning.

To get to all of the spots in your car, move all of the seats forward and back. You can use a spoke brush with a towel on it to get to the space between the front seats and the console.

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