Have you been hearing some screeching noises when you brake? It’s likely that your brake pads are wearing down, and now your rotors are grinding against metal. This is a dangerous situation that can lead to the total breakdown of your braking system. That’s not a place you want to be in on the highway or any road for that matter. Braking systems are comprised of several pieces, including rotors, brake pads, calipers, and wheel hubs. You’ll know that there’s an issue with your brakes as soon as you hear a noise when you start pressing on the pedal.

In most cases, you can have your brake pads replaced and go back out on the road. However, if you’ve been driving without brake pads for some time, you probably have warped calipers and rotors, which will also need to be replaced. To avoid this, just make sure that you get your brakes inspected every time that you had to the mechanic. When you start to feel any wobbling in your steering wheel, it’s a good indication that your rotors are warped as well.

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